National Estonian Transport

At the moment, our North and Distribution Freight service division covers the whole territory of Estonia, and, to a certain extent, the neighbour countries too.

In Tallinn and its surroundings, we provide 35h supply cycle, i.e. the client receives cargo within 35 hours from receipt of the price enquiry and confirmation of order. Due to the long-term partners we are able to forward shipments to larger destinations in Estonia within 24h.

Otherwise specified delivery days are valid, when cargo is transported to the certain regions. Milk runs are done according to the freight schedules.

In addition to the normal temperature goods, ADR dangerous substances and oversized freight, together with the partner we also perform freight of temperature-sensitive goods ( both deep-frozen and pre-cooled goods ).

Distribution freight service includes:

Freight is transferred to the terminal/warehouse, complete set orders – are delivered around – freight to the clients.

Delivery of goods to addressees.

Bringing back signed accompanying documents.

Bringing back cargo containers.

Bringing back good returns. If required, we use transloading terminals. Should some misapprehension happen, do not hesitate to contact us so that we could together clarify the best solutions for you.