Are you sure that the third party logistic supplier has got the same idea of the warehousing as you ?

For instance, whenever you sign the contract, it might be wonderful if the term of it was clearly defined. Does the service ordered require only loading, transportation, or it also covers other activities beside loading/unloading – every such aspect affects the price you have to pay.

We may use vehicles both in Europe and Scandinavia, sometimes the cooperation with forwarders in other countries provides better solution than using our vehicles.

Thankfully to our reliable partners in Estonia we can forward goods to the countries where our cars do not travel – both for export and import.

Forwarding requires truly reliable cargo carriers. Koroter OÜ has got partners, who we have been working with for many years and we have trustworthy relations.

In a case, that something goes wrong with your goods through a fault of the sub-contractor, we provide the relevant liability insurance.