As you may already know, most of our international freight is performed using our trucks with semi-trailers.

Freight of ordinary goods is performed with tent-shutter semi-trailers. As a rule, shutter semi-trailers are easily side-opened if there is a need to load your freight from the side. There is also possibility of up/down (through ceiling) loading as the shutter semi-trailers have really good opportunities.

We offer full and part load international freight with our and Client’s semi-trailers. If required, we also transport dangerous ADR and oversized freight, arrange transport of temperature-sensitive goods.

We prefer to use our transport to ensure a better quality. All our vehicles are mostly new and equipped with GPS navigation systems.

Cargo carriage is tracked and we are always able to inform the client about the vehicle’s location.

Scandinavia-bound freight is more complicated as Estonia is surrounded by the sea. When planning terms of delivery (shipments), you should take into account the schedule of ferries. The ferry lines also comply with their special requirements for transportation of dangerous substances. When planning international shipments, also take into account the traffic and road conditions/restrictions and weekend traffic bans.

Apart from the above-mentioned traffic restrictions and bans, the freight organiser or logistic should also pay attention to the regulations of the drivers’ working time. Only thus we can ensure you the safe and long-term cooperation.

For the international directions we offer our clients the located in Estonia Warehouse /Terminal services, either for storage or later carriage outwards. For details see Chapter Logistics/Terminal/Warehouse under Services Menu.